Terms & Conditions

Booking Fee

£500 is payable by the way of a booking fee at the time of booking. Dates will not be held until the deposit has been received.
The booking fee is non refundable.

Final payment

The final payment including all travel expenses if appropriate must be paid one month before the wedding date.


Abi Chadwick retains full copyright of all your wedding pictures.
Abi Chadwick is a professional photographer using photographic equipment. However, Abi Chadwick accepts no responsibility whatsoever for loss/faults/omissions negligence beyond the control of Abi Chadwick, whether caused by manufacturers or others and whether affecting film or chemicals or any mechanical, electrical or other failures or loss which may be with digital or conventional cameras, equipment, film, disc or computers or with the processing there of.


Abi Chadwick reserves the rights to use any wedding photographs to promote her business, including websites, magazines and brochures. Please inform Abi Chadwick at the time of booking if you do not wish this to happen.
Orders placed after your wedding for any extras by way of prints, albums etc will not be delivered or released until full payment thereof has been received by Abi Chadwick.

Travel Expenses

An additional charge of £150 will be added for weddings more than 70 miles away from Winchester. This is to cover travel and accommodation expenses.

Receipt of your booking form by Abi Chadwick and your signature thereon signifies your acceptance of these terms and conditions.