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The Best New Forest Spa Days for Hampshire Brides

The Best New Forest Spa Days for Hampshire Brides

I recently spent a wonderful day reclining at the Herb House at Lime Wood Hotel in The New Forest, Hampshire.

I was craving a calm, quiet day after a year of photographing beautiful weddings and this was the perfect place to cut myself off from the world and re-group.

Being a Wedding Photographer in Hampshire, summers are hectic because the area is full of amazing wedding venues!

When I have fewer bookings, I love claiming one day for myself, to just... ‘stop’.

As soon as I walked into the Herb House at Lime Wood Hotel's award-winning spa, I felt instant calmness wash over me. I left my phone in my locker, put on my oversized dressing gown, and flip-flopped from the steam room to the water jets. I spoke to pretty much no one all day and let my mind empty. 

I flopped into the pool and let warm jets of water pummel my body for two straight hours. I just stared blankly out of the window at wild clumps of bamboo and nothing else. I wouldn't have stirred if someone smashed two cymbals by my ears. My batteries needed to be re-charged and I was craving a gentle quiet. 

I had the Bamford De-Stress Massage and Bamford Scrubbed and Polished treatments. The warm oil, beautiful setting and world-class therapist helped me zone out and drift between sleep and wake. Completely under a Lime Wood Hotel spell. Totally relaxed. Not a thought about group shots or cake-cutting.

The Best New Forest Spa Days for Hampshire Brides

I got to thinking if it should be something a New Forest Bride would need before her wedding... to calm her nerves or get away from guest questions about food allergies.

It should also be compulsory for a Hampshire Bride after her wedding day, to spend at least one full day silently staring out of a spa window, To relax and reflect, snooze and relive their amazing day. 

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